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There is nothing better than getting away from the normal rat race and having a holiday. Sometimes however those holidays seem far and few between. We get stuck in our day to day lives and have this little niggle that we are missing something.

I find this especially true when winter hits or we get a long period where it seems to be always raining. Adjusting our bodies to cope with the weather seems to take a bit of extra effort, discouraging us from venturing outside. Stopping us from exploring and having adventures.

If this resonates with you then I have the solution.


How do you do this?
• Decide on the length of your Micro Adventure i.e. half day, whole day or weekend
• Choose a location
• Research that location
• Decide to go solo or have company
• Book a guided trip with a company offering small adventures
• And stick with the plan

Your goal is to find a HIDDEN GEM during your micro adventure. This might be a favourite cafe that makes particularly good coffee, a seat which has an amazing view, a great place to have a picnic or swim. Somewhere that feeds your soul and helps with melting away the stress and anxiety you may have bottled up since your last holiday.

For me micro adventures are all about finding HIDDEN GEMS while I am out biking. Recently I revisited a hut that I hadn’t been to in years. I couldn’t quite remember how to get there or if the gravel road I was riding took me all the way and if there was be a hike a bike section.  I did remember there was a steep climb!

My reward was the rediscovery of this little hut (now refurbished – looking even more inviting than last time).

The joy of me finding these hidden gems is being able to take others back and sharing this space with them. Taking clients on guided rides is always a pleasure and seeing the delight on their faces makes the Hidden Gems even more special.

I would love to take you on a micro adventure, so you too can have this joy.
Check out my latest Adventures

New Adventures loaded each month
See you all soon



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With a grim looking weather forecast I packed up the truck with bike and gear in tow and started my journey down to Rotorua.  My windscreen wipers on their fastest mode I drove carefully over the hill and down into Rotorua.  My plan had been to get in a ride before all the lovely ladies arrived.  Too be honest I was feeling a little annoyed with the weather.  I LOVE riding in the Whakarewarewa Forest by myself and wanted a little me time before the busyness of the weekend overtook.

Arriving at the house I was super impressed with the layout and decided I had picked a ‘good one’.  I fell in love with the bike room and my spirits started to rise.  Was that sunshine peeping through?  I quickly set up the house, got on my bike and rode to the forest YAY I was now in my happy space.

With mud on my clothes, bike and body I arrived back at the house.  The ladies were starting to arrive and get settled in.  Everyone happy to have arrived safely and ready for some cycling action.

An evening spent getting to know each other with a shared meal and lots of talking!!  Must be a girl’s weekend!!!

SATURDAY arrived with the forecast much improved.  Still with a VERY fresh wind and not expected to get much past 10 degrees.  We all wrapped up warm and got ready for the arrival of our very own shuttle bus.  I had never hired a bus before and since we weren’t going to fill it I had contacted the local women’s cycling groups Rotorua Revolve Cranky Diva’s  to see if anyone wanted to join us for the day.

With our bikes loaded and all settled on the bus we rumbled our way to Waiotapu – our starting point.  The goal was to ride back to Lake Rotorua along the Te Aha Ara Cycle Trail and then back to our accommodation, about 50km.

We set off in two groups – a huge thanks to the Lynda and Barbara for helping for the whole day.  There is something special about girls who ride bikes.  Didn’t matter that we were all strangers as we had a common factor – the love of getting outdoors and cycling.   The day made all the effort that I had put into brainstorming and organising totally worth it.  Ladies coming together of all abilities and enjoying the moment.

The Te Ara Ahi Cycle Trail is not one of those on the top of the to do list. I certainly rate it as a good ride for those who wish to experience a NZ Cycle Trail but are not quite ready for something more remote.  It is a step up from the easier rail trails (Hauraki or Otago) giving you a taste of single track, riding under the road in a tunnel, gravel roads, quiet country roads and a concrete pathway along State Highway 5.   What’s more is its hot steam vents and creeks full of hot water – where else can you get that?

SUNDAY we hit the trails in the Whakarewarewa Forest under the watchful eye of Riding Flow.  A few weary bodies this morning but all still SMILING.  That’s is what I love most about my job – the smiles!  Whakarewarewa Forest is my favourite place to ride.  This is where I fell in love with mountain biking all those years ago.  The trails never disappoint, and it was great to introduce the ladies to this magical forest that smells divine and has such fantastic trails for all ages and abilities.

The weekend wraps up after a lunch at the café.  Next time let’s hope the new hot tubs complex is open, so we can have a good long soak before heading home.

Thank you, Rotorua for giving us such a fantastic weekend and massive thank you to Allie, Sue, Caroline, Teresa, Lynda, Katrina, Catherine and Jo for signing up for the weekend.

Looking forward to the next adventure with you already.  Keep an eye out for when & where it will be.